Susanne Atkin

Photography and Local History

Taking Time To Pause ...

Winter Last and First

The photographic project began in December 2009 when the woodland was bare and apparently empty of life;  a few dead remnants of previous growth lingered on. The winter light, the lifeless shapes, specks of colour,  a seed  balanced inside an opened brown pod: all began to fascinate. But I still could not envisage how the woodland would emerge from the bleakness of winter...


Then new life began to appear: hazel catkins in January were amongst the first signs that the woodland was waking; buds, and willow buds in the boundary hedgerows, during February.









Winter: last and first

All that dies, dies for a reason.

To put its strength into the seasons.


(from Survival, by Jon Anderson,

recorded by Yes)

dec10-226-cla30crop-u35_moon jan11-049_moon